Thursday, April 22, 2010

Learning Networks and Environments with Symbaloo

When I came across this video I thought to myself "we should see more teachers and students doing this." As I was listening to the 7th grade student I noticed she had used Symbaloo to organize her Web-based tools to research, collaborate, and share content all on a single page. With all of the social networking, social bookmarking, and other Web resources that I have piled up in my browser bookmarks, I wanted to find a more efficient way to organize and access my resources that are part of my own professional learning network (PLN). After creating a free Symbaloo account, I was able to quickly create and organize links to my PLN tools such as Blackboard, Twitter, Google Account, and Ning all on a single page known as a desktop. You can even share your desktops with others. Take a look at Symbaloo to see for yourself and share your thoughts.

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