Friday, October 15, 2010

No Future Left Behind

As I watched this YouTube video that I came across via Twitter over a week ago, I began reflecting on my experiences as an instructional technology and design professional working directly with K-12 classroom teachers and administrators.  In the occasional isolated instances where I observed effective integration of instructional technology tied to curriculum, in combination with great classroom management and instructional strategies, learning and understanding of content/concepts appeared to be a natural yet engaging process for 21st century learners.  When students are in a learning environment where they have to think, solve real-world problems, collaborate, utilize technologies that help accomplish learning goals and objectives, and take control of their own learning, they are engaged and test scores are typically impacted in a positive direction.  This video brings up a number of pondering questions and messages; particularly in the fact that learning is not confined to the classroom walls.  What messages do you think this video is sending about where education needs to be headed?

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