Monday, November 1, 2010

The Difference Between a Student and a Learner

Technology, curriculum standards, organizational culture, innovation, 21st century skills, and other variables, have greatly contributed to the paradigm shifts we see today in K-12 education.  Many blog postings and articles have been published describing today's role of a teacher as a facilitator of the learning and instructional processes from the traditional role of the teacher-centered instructional delivery medium and sole expert of content knowledge.  As I watched and listened to this interesting video entitled Student/Learner 3.0: The Teacher, I asked myself "is there a difference between a student and a learner?


I would argue that there is a difference between the two in today's classrooms. In my short explanation, a student is highly dependent on the teacher defining what, when, and how to acquire knowledge while a learner expects the teacher to guide, or facilitate, to seek explanations as to "why" we acquire knowledge. There would be deeper explanation to my interpretation, but tell us what you think.

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