Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Science, Math and Productivity iOS Apps

Although the iPad, or similar tablet devices, can easily be viewed as an instructional technology fad, and an additional technology that may overload students and teachers with, the educational implications of such devices to engage learners and transition our schools out of the Industrial Age surpass their disadvantages.  As STEM education continues to be of great importance throughout the United States, educators, administrators, and other educational leaders must be cognizant of the instructional resources, including mobile devices, that provides access to information and multimedia content, aligns to curriculum standards, induces sharing and collaboration, induces other 21st century skills in conjunction with effective classroom management and instructional strategies, and most importantly..........engage learners.

Below you will find two lists, math and science, of Web resources to iOS (Apple's operating system for mobile devices) apps that support specific math/science content areas and general productivity.

Math iOS Apps

Science iOS Apps


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