Friday, June 24, 2011

Twitter in Education: Initial Thoughts and Resources

Many educators are bringing authentic real-time communication of Twitter that support students' learning.  After several years of backchanneling at conferences and building a learning network with individuals with similar educational interests, I've come to the conclusion that Twitter can help teachers learn as well.  Twitter has simply become one of the best resources for teachers to build personal learning networks, collaborate, share Web resources and ideas to common classroom challenges, and discuss educational policy.   

During my time as a technology administrator in a school district in South Carolina, I was constantly asked "how do you find out about these emerging technologies and Web tools for the classroom?"  My response was always "Twitter."  Twitter, along with RSS feeds via Google Reader, have been valuable resources for keep up with the latest trends in classroom technologies and pedagogical practices.  I hope to instill in participants at this year's Texas Regional Collaboratives Seventeenth Annual Meeting how Twitter can be used to engage students and be an integral tool for collaborating with other teachers with similar interests.  The resources below should provide a starting point for further exploring implications of Twitter.  I will be adding more resources so be sure to check periodically for updates.  Enjoy!

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